XIX Century Walkway


Today I will try to show you how to assembly and paint XIX Century Walkway. I’m going to use airbrush. It makes painting easier but I’m sure you can paint it using classic brush.

I have divided this article into 3 sections: planning, assembling and painting.

Let’s start.




First, we need to think about our future construction. I decided to create something similar to “L”. Of course, I will be able to change the setting of walkways but this is my basic foundation.



2. Assembling


Before using glue I prepare elements and find out If they match each other or not. You can do It on your own or model on me.

First picture presents assembled construction, second -parts used to do it.



I was experimenting with many glues and in my humble opinion PVA glue is the best for HDF. It dries long but It is worth waiting for the effect. I put it by old brush.






What will you need?

-Airbrush or brush

-Dark Angels Green paint(GW)

-Boltgun Metal paint(GW)

-paper tape

-Russian Earth Dry Pigment (MIG)

-Strong Tone Wash(Army Painter)

-Dark Tone Wash(Army Painter)


As always, we must start with basecoat. To learn more about basecoating see my previous articles.



I covered metal elements with paper tap and put first layer of brown paint.



-Mix brown with ligther brown (1:1) and apply on lighter surfaces.



-Take Army Painter Strong Tone and wash everything. You can also do it by your airbrush.



-Time for weathering.

I wanted to give this terrain more run-down look. Mig’s Russian Earth dry pigment is very useful to quick antiquate that. It imitates dirt and dust. I put It on the places which would be dirty in reality like corners and stairs.




I covered linchpins using Boltgun Metal. Do it very carefully avoiding brown parts. If you are not sure about that use paper tap to protect you previous work.



-Wash metal parts with Army Painter’s Dark Tone. I mixed it with water (3:1). I recommend using brush, It gives you better control on mixture.





I chose green paint and mix it with Vallejo’s Medium and put it here and there.

I was trying to create patina effect.



-Final touches


I took big,flat brush and I smudged pigment. I also made some scratches with brown, dry pastel.



 Tutorial by: Paweł Ejsmont


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