How to paint Labgolem in a quick and admirable way.



by Dimitri PEYRARD


Once the figure has been cleaned and assembled, it is time to basecoat it with black prime spray. Wolsung miniatures are very fine and full of details, thus it’s better to apply two fine layers (wait 10 minutes between each layer) to avoid losing details and texture.



The silver areas are then base coated with Leadbelcher (or Boltgun Metal) Games Workshop. All these areas require 2 thin coats in order to get full coverage, and opaque.



Once the base coating is dry, metallic areas are washed with pure black ink. This first global wash shades and gives definition to the model by flowing into the recesses & details.



A second more controlled wash on the downward-facing surfaces is necessary to obtain true shading.



After having the washes dried, metallic areas are drybrushed with Runefang Steel (or Mithril Silver) Games Workshop to highlight the golem.



To get more attention to the face of the model, gold areas are added with Gehenna’s Gold (or Shining gold) Games Workshop.



A dark brown wash is then applied.



Finally, gold parts are given an highlight of Auric Armour Gold (or Burnished Gold) Games Workshop.



For a better result, many areas are painted with Administratum grey (or Fortress grey) or Mephiston red (Mechrite red) Games Workshop and highlighted with pure White or Evil Sunz Scarlet (Blood red) respectively.



To finish, a spot of pure white is painted on the eyes. Your golem is now ready for fight :)



by Dimitri PEYRARD

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